Author Biography

Kay Lynn Mangum is the youngest of four children (one sister, two brothers), and has enjoyed reading and writing stories since her elementary school days. She has always dreamed of seeing her stories in print, and still can't believe her books are not only published, but that strangers actually buy her books and like them! Kay Lynn holds an associates degree from Dixie Junior College, and a bachelors degree in English literature with an emphasis in creative writing from Southern Utah University. She currently works as a legal assistant, but hopes to be able to write full time in the near future. She loves interviewing people for her books and traveling to the places she wants to set her stories in. The Secret Journal of Brett Colton, her first novel, began as a short story she created at age 16 for a high school writing contest sponsored by The Salt Lake Tribune. A Love Like Lilly also began as a short story written during high school for The New Era’s youth writing contest. When the Bough Breaks began as a short story written while she attended Dixie Junior College. Kay Lynn is the aunt of 12 amazing nieces and nephews, and absolutely loves getting e-mails from people who have enjoyed her novels.