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I’m finally putting a few links onto my Links Page – hooray!!


Nancy Cratty is a talented new author who, believe it or not, was one of my roommates at Dixie College! We both had dreams of publishing novels someday. How cool is it that we’ve both reached our goals to be published authors??

Check out Nancy’s second book, Silhouette on DeseretBook.com!


Jenny Phillips is easily one of the most talented LDS songwriters around – and she's published two books of her own: The Parable of the Princesses and The Parable of the Golden Pathway. Click here to visit her awesome website!


One of the coolest things about getting published is having the opportunity to meet awesome, cool authors! Stephanie Fowers is one of the coolest, most awesome authors around – AND, she has two incredibly fun, laugh out loud books in print on the crazy world of dating: Rules of Engagement and Meet Your Match.